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Group photo our 350 Spokane meeting September 12, 2017. Find more photos on our Facebook page.

Our first public meeting was a huge success! More than 60 of our friends and neighbors showed up to show their commitment to fighting for local climate action. Way to go Spokane!

Mark your calendar

350 Spokane will hold a monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 at the Community Building (35 W. Main). The agendas are still being developed, but here is a sketch:

  • October 10 –form work groups around specific climate actions such as: moving Avista toward 100% renewables, supporting our indigenous community by participating in a global day of divestment action, and more…
  • November 14 – discuss how to support the Water, Wind & Fire tour that will be stopping in Spokane a few days later (November 16)
  • December 12 – bring the whole family for an “art build” where we will make a large paper-mache 350 logo and other things to be used in future protests or rallies.

Our event calendar

How we are fighting the local climate fight

350 Spokane supports several initiatives taking place at the local, state, and global levels.

Mazaska Talks350 Spokane is proud to support Mazaska Talks (Money Talks) in their mission to leverage economic power to fight repression of indigenous rights and desecration of the Earth. More… 

This umbrella organization sprung from the indigenous-led Seattle divestment campaign in January 2017. Our website and Facebook page is intended as a network and resource hub for individuals across the country who want to divest their cities from banks that finance fossil fuel projects and related repression of indigenous and human rights. Want to be part of the solution? Learn more about how to divest yourself. Once you’ve moved your money, let us know by signing this petition so we can track the movement!

Alliance for Jobs and Clean EnergyAlliance for Jobs and Clean Energy – We happy to declare our support for the Alliance and its push to create a carbon tax in Washington State. Although there are active negotiations over the final shape of this ballot initiative, we support the effort to make the cost of fossil fuels reflect all of their costs to our health and the environment. Despite making trillions of dollars, fossil fuel companies do not have to pay for the devastating and escalating costs of the pollution their products cause. Putting a price on carbon will help better reflect the true costs of using coal, oil, and natural gas. Learn more about the Alliance or sign up to be a Climate Justice Steward here.

Water, Wind & Fire TourThe Water, Wind & Fire Tour will be coming to Spokane on November 16. The tour’s goal is to discuss our changing climate and potential mitigation or solution approaches. The tour seeks to stimulate conversations, rather than to deliver a particular program by stimulating dialog with materials that touch on: climate science, human and economic consequences of global warming, mitigation alternatives including risk management strategies, human and economic benefits to carbon pollution reduction and a clean energy economy. Join us and learn about the concerns that local people have about both climate change and action to prevent it. More…

Safer SpokaneProposition 2 – Safer Spokane is a ballot primarily aimed at making the many coal and oil trains that go through downtown Spokane safer. Although some are concerned about possible litigation, we welcome the opportunity to set a positive precedent and we support the effort to make transporting the fossil fuels causing the climate crisis more costly and safer. Read more about Prop 2 here and consider jointing their list.

Supporting our work

There are lots of ways to support the local effort for meaningful climate action. Your most valuable contribution is of your time and talent. Please join our monthly meetings! Beyond your physical participation and presence, you can also participate in our electronic action campaigns.

If you have the means, please consider supporting our work with a financial donation. Recurring contributions are especially helpful. Donate here.

Donations go to support the following:

  • Banners for marches and rallies.
  • Audio/video equipment for meetings.
  • Rights to show climate-related movies.
  • Basic supplies for meetings
  • Stickers for advertising.
  • Postcards for petition campaigns.

100% of donations go to helping the local fight for climate action. 350 Spokane’s leadership is comprised of your neighbors volunteering their time. (Please note that 350 Spokane is a community group fighting for local climate action, but we are not yet a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations are not tax-exempt. If you want to make a tax-exempt donation to support climate action, consider donating to our parent organization,, or our sister organization,

Finally, you can provide financial support to 350 Spokane by buying a shirt, mug, tote, or sticker from our 350 Spokane Red Bubble Store. A significant percentage of each purchase goes to support our local climate work.

Support our work, shop for 350 Spokane stuff

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350 Spokane LogoIf you have friends who might be interested in 350 Spokane, please forward this email and encourage them to join our list.

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By Brian Henning, 350 Spokane Coordinator