Several exciting climate action bills will be considered by the Washington State Legislature this year. Your active support is critical to their success. Learn the details and how you can take action below!

HB-2095 Sustainable Farms and Fields Bill:
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This bill is extremely important, for many reasons.
1) Agriculture is the second leading source of greenhouse gases fueling the climate crisis, and this legislation works with Washington farmers and ranchers to help reduce these greenhouse gases by establishing voluntary grant programs encouraging sustainable practices. Soil is the most effective and cheapest carbon sequestration instrument available to us at this time and we should invest in methods that allow farmers to become carbon sequesters of their own, while investing in their farms and livelihoods.
2) Our State economy is heavily reliant upon agriculture, and if we cannot find ways to protect our soil, our farmers will surely take a large brunt of the changing climate.

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Commitee: Rural Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources – View Committee Members

HB-1110 Clean Fuels Standard:
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Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gases, so reducing fuel-related greenhouse gas emissions to 10% below 2017 levels by 2028 and 20% by 2035 is a critical task for the people of Washington. We need to find ways to reduce the carbon intensity of the fuels we burn.

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HB-1796 PACE Financing:
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Please support any upcoming Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation. This legislation allows property owners to finance the cost of energy efficiency or renewable energy improvements without a large upfront cash payment, paying the costs over time through a voluntary assessment that attaches to the property rather than the individual owner. This will make it easier for many of us to make important energy improvements in our homes and properties and take another real step in addressing the climate crisis. Washington State is behind many other States in implementing this type of legislation.

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HB-1597 Upstream Methane Impacts Bill
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This one will be a battle but is hugely important. There is significant concern about what the impact of increasing use of fracked gas could mean for our climate and this bill could give us a lot more clarity upon that impact, enabling the government to make more informed and scientifically driven decisions about such new projects such as the Kalama Methanol plant and the Tacoma LNG plant.

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