As we grow larger as an organization, we are understanding that the way we can best make Climate Progress is by harnessing the energy of our volunteers and delegating some of the important tasks of operating a large non-profit organization to them. Everyone has a role to play in achieving a future we can enjoy, and we need all the help we can get.

Join a 350 Spokane Work Group today!

Every group is led by either a 350 Spokane Board member or an enthusiastic volunteer. Please contact us at if you are interested in joining a workgroup, or if you would like to start one of your own! If you sign up to join a group, its leader will reach out to you with more information.

Fundraising Committee

Leader: Erica Dellwo
Description: Volunteers with the Fundraising Committee do not ask people for money: we match the mission and actions of 350 Spokane with donors’ personal goals and mission. Our team is looking for people who enjoy having conversations with business leaders and individuals to learn more about what is important to them and how our organization fits with their priorities. We are looking for shy people good with computers who can help us manage our database, and do online research for potential donors. We are looking for gregarious people who like to throw a big exciting party/fundraising event once a year. Fundraising is the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. Contact us and we’ll find a job that’s right for you.


Leader: Pat McCormick
Description: Our work group is comprised of folks from differing local faith communities and is committed to educating ourselves and our members about the relation between faith and climate change, and hopefully motivating religious people and groups to act on this issue.

Clean Buildings Policy Group

Leader: Dave Camp
Description: Working to lower carbon emissions from buildings via building codes, financing, distributed power generation and more.

Movie Event Organization

Leader: Lamont Worden
Description: Our work group is committed to having 350 Spokane sponsor approximately 4 climate related documentary movies each year, for the purpose of helping educate our community regarding the climate crisis and what we can do to fulfill the stated mission of 350 Spokane “to support, build, and organize an effective grassroots movement for bold climate action in the greater Spokane area, promoting a just transition to 100% fossil-free energy and a low-carbon economy that works for everyone.”

Transportation Policy Group

Leader: Larry Luton
Description: Because the transportation sector is the primary contributor of GHG emissions (both in Washington and in the US), this work group will take actions to promote awareness, support legislation, and encourage personal and corporate decisions to reduce GHG emissions that derive from transportation.

Website Administration

Leader: Trenton Miller
Description: Our team is in charge of building the 350Spokane website, brainstorming on and implementing new and engaging features. Potentially this team may take on primary administration of the email communications as well.