350 Spokane’s mission is to support, build, and organize an effective grassroots movement for bold climate action in the greater Spokane area, promoting a just transition to 100% fossil-free energy and a low-carbon economy that works for everyone. Why the number in our name? 

You can find our meeting schedule on our events page. The best way to stay informed is to join our email list here so you will be notified about our meetings and campaigns. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you have questions, ideas, or would like to get more involved, contact the 350 Spokane Co-Chairs, Rebecca MacMullan and Brian Henning, at info@350Spokane.org.

350 Spokane Board Members & Leadership

Shared Values

Principle 1: Climate change is a profound and urgent threat to all life on the planet–but most especially and most immediately to those in the Global South, where it is already wreaking havoc, and in vulnerable communities here in the US: those that are low-income, indigenous, and/or communities of color. We will take guidance from those on the frontlines of extreme weather and sea-level rise, as well as those on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction, and support their fight for immediate and aggressive action on climate.

Principle 2: Our economic system and its dependence on cheap fossil fuels have caused the devastation of communities and ecosystems; as US resident, we’ve been complicit in this, and we’ve benefited from it. Privilege allows many of us to take legal and political risks that would be life-threatening in many countries, and we have greater ability to change the systems that have caused the devastation. We feel morally compelled to do all we can–including utilizing peaceful civil disobedience when necessary–and believe that building a people’s movement is the most powerful way to catalyze ambitious and just climate policies.

Principle 3: We believe in a just transition: fossil fuel industry workers have labored in dangerous and unhealthful conditions for decades. We support their demands for accessible family-wage jobs in the transition to clean renewables, and we will collaborate with them whenever possible, except where this collaboration would be in direct conflict with Principle 1.

Principle 4: We believe in our collective power. Climate change is not a problem of human nature; it’s a problem of very specific systems that we can choose to change, and a problem created by the companies that lied to us for decades about the risks. The Pacific Northwest has been extraordinarily powerful in defeating proposed fossil fuel projects; it took all of us, working at every level. Some people find it easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of fossil fuel dependence, but with your help, we can change that, remind people of their power, and help show the world what the fight for climate justice looks like. We need you.

For more details, see 350 Manifesto.

350 Spokane is a member of US Climate Action Network

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350 Spokane
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Email address: info@350Spokane.org