350 Spokane Board Members & Leadership

  • Rebecca Kemnitz MacMullan (Founder and Co-Chair) – Rebecca is a parent, business owner and nature-lover concerned about the threat global warming poses to geo-political stability, economic progress and justice around the world.  She believes climate change is the human rights issue of our time.
  • Larry Luton, Ph.D. (Co-Chair and Transportation Work Group Leader) – Larry has lived in Spokane for over 30 years. He retired from his position as Professor of Public Administration at Eastern Washington University in 2014. He has been concerned about environmental issues most of his adult life and taught a class on Climate Change and Public Administration his last quarter at EWU. He enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, backpacking and kayaking.
  • Fawna Slavik (Treasurer) – Fawna has lived in northeastern Washington for most of her life. She currently lives in Spokane with her husband and two daughters. She is passionate about making the earth sustainable and healthy for future generations. Someday she hopes to see a Sasquatch but would settle for first contact with the Vulcans.
  • Brian G. Henning, Ph.D. (Founder; Former Co-Chair; Board Member) – Brian grew up in Boise, Idaho and moved to Spokane with his spouse and two daughters in 2008 to join the faculty at Gonzaga University where he teaches philosophy and environmental studies, focusing on environmental ethics and ethics of global climate change. Among his books is Riders in the Storm: Ethics in an Age of Climate Change.
  • David Camp (Board Member) – David owns Spokane marketing services firm Camp Creative. He is a hopeless climate nerd who has volunteered on climate change issues since 2014, and was Eastern Washington field Director for the state’s 2016 carbon tax initiative, I-732.
  • Patrick McCormick, Ph.D. (Interfaith Work Group Leader)  – Pat was introduced to 350 Spokane when his wife Guay Tippett took a class from Brian Henning at Gonzaga, where Pat has been teaching Christian Ethics since 1994. He and Guay are both interested in addressing climate change and leaving a safe place for their daughter and other folk’s children.
  • Judy Fitzpatrick (Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member) – Judy has lived in the Spokane area most of her adult life, raised her family here, and as an educator has taken many students on outdoor adventures on our lakes, rivers, and trails. She has followed the work of 350.org for many years and is grateful to be part of a local organization that is effectively working for a just transition and a stable climate for her new grandson and the rest of the planet.
  • Angelena Campobasso (Board Member) – Angelena is a Colville Tribal enrolled member and has lived in Washington State all of her life. She graduated from Eastern Washington University (EWU) with a Masters of Science degree in Urban & Regional Planning and Public Administration, with an Executive Tribal Planning Certification, Eisenhower Transportation Fellow 2009 and 2011, prior President of Tribal Transportation Planning Organization (TTPO), Hearts Gathered Board Member, small business owner, proud mother, and currently work as the EWU’s Small Urban Rural & Tribal Center of Mobility (SURTCOM) Program Manager. Angelena has worked in Indian County as a planner for over 30 years and has assisted in building up tribal communities by building clinics, transit facilities, and millions of dollars in transportation projects. As a planner and researcher for communities here in the Northwest and the Western United States (71 Tribes); Angelena has always believed that Indigenous people are stewards of the lands; the air, water, and soils, we must protect Mother Earth. Climate Change has become a symptom of over using the Earth’s resources. For the next seven generations and beyond, we must all learn to become stewards of our home, Mother Earth. We must learn to become more sustainable human beings and use technology instead of pulling death out of the earth (fossil fuels) for fuel, and learn to harness the four elements: air, water, soils, and fire (sun) to save our Mother Earth. She is very passionate about our Climate and is honored to be working with 350 Spokane towards renewable/sustainable energy, climate change policy, and looking forward to working with 350 to reduce human beings carbon-footprint. She believes, like the world mobilized for the Covid-19-pandemic; we too can and must mobilize for Climate Change.
  • Trenton Miller (Board Member) – Trenton is a software developer who grew up in Yakima, WA. He has lived in Spokane since 2012. He believes wholeheartedly that overcoming the Climate Crisis is the defining task of our lifetime. With this change comes the opportunity to create a more just and equitable world for all. He thinks a powerful way we can make progress on environmental issues is by advocating for improvements to our elections and our democracy. He is determined to do all that he can to leave a better planet for his children to inherit.


  • Julia Leon – Julia is currently a senior environmental studies major at Gonzaga and an active member of environmental groups on campus. She hopes to further engage with the Spokane  community to promote more sustainable living, environmental justice and environmental protection.
  • Sophia Crosby – Sophia is from Minneapolis, MN. She’s going to be a senior at Gonzaga University in the fall, with a major in environmental studies and minor in french and sustainable business. She’s a photographer for GU so she love taking photos and creating art. She is also very passionate about the outdoors and social justice so she strives to find opportunities where she can make a difference in those areas. Therefore, she is very excited to work with 350 Spokane this summer and hopefully combine her passions as well as just help out the organization in any possible way!

Past Board Members

  • Jim LeTellier (Founding Board Member; Colstrip Campaign Leader)
  • Jason Oestreicher (Divestment Work Group Facilitator)
  • Laura Ackerman (Founding Board Member)
  • Wm. Lamont Worden, M.D. (Advancement Group Leader)
  • Pauline Druffel (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Karli McIntyre (Secretary)
  • Olivia Jackiewicz (Secretary)
  • Erica Dellwo (Fundraising Work Group Leader)
  • Polo Hernandez
  • Brian Parker

Past Interns

  • Imani J. Warden
  • Madison Dougherty
  • Chelsey Hand
  • Jill Coleman
  • John Rosenberger
  • Jake Perrin
  • William Coe
  • Carly Meyers
  • Charissa Boniface
  • Casey Hart

Contact the Board Co-Chairs at info@350Spokane.org