This afternoon Mayor Condon announced that is vetoing the ordinance forming a Sustainability Action Committee and establishing the goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

As citizens of Spokane we are disappointed that our Mayor has decided to put the pollution and profits of multinational fossil fuel companies ahead of the health and well-being of the people of our great city. We are thankful that Avista and our City Council recognize the need for this commonsense ordinance to shift our community to 100% fossil free electricity and plan for a safer, more just future for our children and grandchildren. Despite ¬†Mayor Condon’s veto, this time Spokane will be on the right side of history. We expect that the City Council, which initially passed the Ordinance by a 6-1 margin, will override the Mayor’s veto.

Together we are building an effective grassroots movement for real climate action in the greater Spokane area, promoting a just transition to 100% fossil-free energy and a low-carbon economy that works for everyone.