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Take Climate Action this Arbor Day!

What is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is a day designated to celebrate the role of trees in the world and to encourage people to plant and care for them. In the United States, this day will be recognized on April …

Together, Many Faiths Can Meet The Climate Challenge

At the very first 350 Interfaith Climate Change Committee Meeting, the twenty of us in attendance, from a variety of faiths, described why each of our religious groups would care about climate change.

What followed was an hour filled with

How I Became a Climate Activist

Hello. My name is Wm. Lamont Worden. My wife Brenda and I have lived in Greenacres for over 33 years, always considering ourselves political independents. I am a retired Emergency Physician and also a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel with over …

An open letter to City Council

September 17,  2018

To: Spokane City Council
RE: Ordinance C35668 – Sustainability Action Committee

350 Spokane is a local, volunteer-run community organization working to support a just transition to 100 percent fossil-free energy and a low-carbon economy that works for …

Mayor vetoes 100% fossil free ordinance

This afternoon Mayor Condon announced that is vetoing the ordinance forming a Sustainability Action Committee and establishing the goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

As citizens of Spokane we are disappointed that our Mayor has decided to put the …

How to Go Solar in Spokane

What better place to capitalize on solar power than a city whose name translates to “Children of the Sun”?

And in Spokane there’s been no better time to go solar, with handsome state and federal incentives due to taper off …