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The Climate Movement Through Students’ Eyes

“The greatest lesson I will take from 350 Spokane is hope.”
-Madison Dougherty

    This spring semester of my sophomore year I have had the pleasure to be an intern for 350 Spokane. This has been a unique experience for me. …

The Smoke Ahead

Note: Dr. Steve Ghan, who is quoted here, will speak about climate and fire impacts at WSU Spokane on November 16, as part of the Water, Wind & Fire Tour. He will be joined by physician Sara Cate, speaking on

Proposition 2 on the City of Spokane Ballot November 7, 2017

350 Spokane supports the proposition to make coal and oil (Bakken oil is at least 1/3 more explosive than gasoline) trains safer when they run through our downtown on elevated tracks with several bridges.  These trains are so long that …

Campaign Success! Commission Agrees to Spokane Hearing

350 Spokane sent a letter dated 9/12/17 to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) requesting that the Commission hold a hearing in Spokane regarding Avista’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Briefly, the IRP details the power generation sources the utility …

350 Spokane Update – September 2017

Our first public meeting was a huge success! More than 60 of our friends and neighbors showed up to show their commitment to fighting for local climate action. Way to go Spokane!

Mark your calendar

350 Spokane will hold a …