Overriding a veto by Spokane Mayor David Condon, Spokane’s City Council stepped up once again, voting 6-1 to commit the city to the goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030, and to the appointment of a Sustainability Action Committee that will map ways to achieve it.

This update to the city’s Sustainability Ordinance now becomes law, placing Spokane in company with 75 other American cities–along with the states of California and Hawaii—that have pledged to eliminate fossil-fueled electricity in the near future. Six other U.S. cities have already achieved this goal.

Spokane electric utility Avista has voiced support for the measure, as have numerous other businesses and citizens’ groups.

350 Spokane spearheaded the ordinance, urging the city to follow the example of all those other cities in heeding warnings from the entire global scientific community that fossil fuels must be completely eliminated within as little as two decades in order to prevent ruinous risks to the world’s climate and people.

“This is an incredibly valuable way for Spokane to do its part,” says 350 Co-founder Rebecca MacMullan. “Although our national leaders have utterly failed to address this massive problem through top-down action, America’s states and cities have responded with inspiring action from the bottom up, and I am proud to see Spokane become part of this movement.”

Because the committee’s role is strictly advisory, any adoption of its recommendations depends upon further approvals by the city’s Council and Mayor.