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Write to your representative: tell Olympia we want climate action now

With a new balance of power in Olympia, we are now poised to pass meaningful climate legislation in Washington State.  Our elected representatives will do the right thing, if we, their constituents, demand real climate action now. Do you have a few minutes to write a letter to your state representatives and state senator? With your support, Washington can pass a state-wide 100% clean energy bill this year!

100% Fossil Free Spokane Campaign

Want Spokane to be a clean energy leader?

Burning fossil fuels, like coal, natural gas and petroleum products, is changing our climate even faster than scientists had predicted. We can have healthier communities, a strong economy and a livable future for our children powered by fossil-free energy.  Astounding advances in clean energy technology and electric transportation make this goal attainable and economically advantageous.

We need to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar power, maximize energy efficiency in every sector, and transition our transportation system to renewably-sourced electric power.

The 100% Fossil Free Spokane Campaign supports passage of a City Resolution to achieve 100% renewable energy for the City’s community electricity supply by 2035, and to develop an updated Sustainability Action Plan to include specific strategies to meet or exceed City and State greenhouse gas reduction targets and to plan community resilience for a changing climate. Working together locally, we can bring more solar power, electric vehicles and clean energy to our communities – and move Spokane to 100% renewable energy, leaving a cleaner, healthier world for future generations.

Learn more about how you can support the support the goal of transitioning Spokane to a 100% fossil free renewable energy community…